What is a Reconstruction Loan?

What does a credit institution look like for reconstruction loans? Here you can find out everything about the support programs of the Good Credit, how and how much money you get for your property.

For some time now, all consumers have had the opportunity to take advantage of Good Credit’s funding offers. The following guide provides interested parties with useful information on individual funding measures.

Reconstruction Loan Corporation Support Programs

The most important prerequisites for this are that those who do not want a new building but want to buy property also come from many grants from the Good Credit: Most of them are able to buy a new building:

Own use: The Good Credit housing program (124) grants interested parties up to an amount of USD 60,000 in loans to finance the entire costs, including the additional construction costs, for the purchase of a home or a residential complex. New buildings: Here are the same conditions as for housing (see above), but prospective buy the completed house and do not build it.

Old buildings: The purchase of a renovated old house is also supported. You can find information on this in the “Energetic renovation” area. Conversion: There is funding for barrier-free and age-appropriate objects for a newly renovated old house. With homeowners, the construction of new buildings is usually out of the question. Depending on the age of the building, renovation may be necessary in practice.

Both credits and grants are available for a complete energy recovery. It is important that the building is on the same level as a Good Credit efficiency house after the renovation. The higher the energy standard after modernization, the higher the subsidy. The Good Credit Efficiency Houses 55, 70, 85, 100 and 114 are eligible for funding. Funding: Funding: Credit: Important: Those interested must submit the funding application before the start of the measure. and transfer up to USD 4000 to the prospect’s bank account.

The topic of renewable energy sources

The topic of renewable energy sources

It is one of the most important components in the new construction and renovation of a building. Whether heating heat pumps, pellet heating or solar collectors – the Good Credit promotes all environmentally friendly energy generation.

Building owners should at least achieve the energy standard of a Good Credit efficiency house 70. You will then receive a discount of USD 5,000 from us and can, for example, co-finance heating with the Energy Efficient Construction (153) funding program.

There are subsidies, advantageous loans, and repayment bonuses for complete energy renovations, renovations of architectural monuments or listed buildings. Interesting is the renovation of the efficiency house, then the connection with grants from the BAFA association. More and more young people are considering making a change to prepare for the future. This also includes the purchase of a newly renovated property.

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