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You can read our free service for your personal credit check and ratings, compare customer ratings, view screenshots and learn more about Good Credit comparisons. Since 2008 it has been a price comparison portal for the areas of credit, insurance, energy, etc.

Protect with the simulation computers! In return, insurance, loans, electricity, DSL periods, travel and flights. Auto insurance Best price comparison from Testieger Good Credit 330 Tariff list Cheapest car insurance Calculate now! With the electricity, gas, heating current and heating oil comparison the most advantageous proceeds.

Ensuring the electricity and natural gas supply!


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Inexpensive offers and safe shopping – the Good Credit price comparison compares the best articles with the latest offers from online shops and saves them heavily. In the Good Credit Household Center, you can manage and optimally design all your energy and DSL contracts. In our product comparison you can buy inexpensive and inexpensive tires at the best offer from all manufacturers. Safe and easy shopping at Good Credit.

Check Good Credit analysis in three carnival strongholds Cologne depends on Düsseldorf and Mainz, which receive private loans of%.

Cologne, Düsseldorf or Mainz? Just as it is about the stupid in the three big fortresses but with the keyword credit, Germany’s prominent credit comparison portal Good Credit has now determined in a carnival analysis with clear results: Compared to the national average, the Good Finance Bank takes a share of + 26 percent much more often Loan on as the Good Finance Bank (+ 9 percent) and the Mainz under.

The number represents the relationship between the number of debtors


And the population of the cities concerned on average in the country. The credit comparison portal Good Credit is managed by Christian Nau, Managing Partner: “All three cities are great and the people are there known for her happy lifestyle. However, our investigation has shown that the Cologne-based company is the most consumer-friendly.

Incidentally, in contrast to the three cities, the best average loans are granted there and then paid out as far as possible. ”In the course of the 2018 investigation, Good Credit checked the key figures of all loans taken out via the credit comparison portal. Another result of the assessment: Cologne residents take out an average of USD 12,639 for personal loans, USD 172 more than their Düsseldorf neighboring countries (USD 12,467).

With an average loan of USD 12,085, you are the most economical in Mainz and pay off the loan best – in 55 years. In Düsseldorf (56 months) and Cologne (57 months) people prefer to take their time. Nau: “In the previous sense, lending beyond Cologne, Düsseldorf and Mainz is still particularly advantageous.

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